Read These Pediatric Dental Tips

Parents living in St. Albert are often concerned about the oral health of their kids and rightly so. However, a lot of this confusion stems from lack of knowledge. For instance, questions like when to begin brushing your child’s teeth, or what type of toothpaste to use and at what age to begin visiting the dentist aren’t out of the ordinary. Thus, it is not unusual for parents to call dental clinics in their area in order to ask for clarification. To ease the burden on parents and improve the oral health of your child, here are a few tips on how to take care of your children’s oral health from a pediatric dentist near you.

1. Brushing Should Begin Once Teeth Begin Erupting

It’s advisable to start brushing your children’s teeth the moment they start growing. Most parents tend to wait until their kids develop all their teeth before they begin to brush them, but it’s better for your kids’ oral health if you start as soon as the teeth erupt. Due to the fact that it’s still very much early in dental development, dentists advise the use of rubber brushes which fit on the actual finger of the parent. This eliminates any irritation concerns as the brush is fully rubber.

2. Use the Appropriate Toothpaste

It’s essential to use the right toothpaste for your children in their formative years. Infant toothpaste is the best for young kids and can be purchased at pharmacies and drug stores. When your child becomes a toddler and has learnt to spit out toothpaste as opposed to swallowing it, you may switch to fluoride toothpastes that are designed for children. There are variants of children toothpastes, brands and flavours, so letting your child make a choice is a good option. Also, you may consult a dentist near you for recommendations. All you need to do is look for fluoride containing toothpastes as they help keep teeth strong and healthy.

3. Only Water Should be Ingested After Brushing

You should stop your children from consuming juice or other beverages besides water after brushing at night. This is because if they take juice or other beverages after brushing, sugar remains on their teeth and puts them at risk of tooth decay. So any night drink should be consumed before brushing.

4.When to Schedule Dental Visits

Most parents don’t make dental visits until their children are toddlers. You should take your children to a pediatric dentist near you as soon as they begin to develop teeth. This is essential for early detection of dental problems and also to prevent the chances of decaying teeth or infected gums. It’s advisable for children to visit a pediatric clinic at least twice in a year for teeth cleaning and application of fluoride, to ensure optimum results.

5.Call or Schedule Dental Appointments and Ask Questions

If you haven’t been following any of the above steps, it’s not too late to find a dentist near you. If you reside in St. Albert, you should visit a pediatric dentist in St. Albert for information about your child’s oral health. It’s best to schedule appointments with a dentist near you before taking your child to the clinic to ensure proper attention. This will give the dentist enough time to carry out necessary examinations, cleaning and opportunity to provide answers to any questions you have. It’s necessary to work hand in hand with a pediatric dentist near you to ensure your children maintain proper oral health and hygiene.