Children's Dentistry in St. Albert

Kid Dentist in St. Albert

At Erin Ridge Dental, we understand the importance of children’s oral health. According to the Canadian Dental Association, a child’s first dental appointment should be scheduled following their first birthday or the eruption of their first tooth. Establishing a dental home for your child is essential for their continuing dental speech and development.

We recognize that your child may be apprehensive when it comes to visiting their dentist in St. Albert, AB T8N 4K6. For this reason, we have made every effort to build a team of compassionate and hardworking professionals. We can ensure that your child’s first dental experience will be pleasant.

Additionally, we offer a first-time happy visit which allows your child to meet our dental team and tour our office near you. A long-lasting positive impression will encourage your child to practice healthy oral habits and continue seeking dental care in the future.

Dentistry For children in St. Albert, AB T8N 4K6

While the majority of children feel anxious about visiting a Family Dentist Near You, some children find the experience unbearable. For this reason, we offer a mild form of sedation using nitrous oxide (laughing gas). This is a safe and effective method to ensure your child comfortably receives the dental care they need.

We always recommend that all our patients schedule check-ups near you every 6 months. This allows your Dentist in St. Albert to identify potential issues before they have a chance to worsen. Regular dental check-ups near you also improve your oral hygiene for a cleaner and healthier mouth.

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