How Effective Is Myobrace for Straightening Kid’s Teeth?

The early stages of childhood require a lot of attention. This is a time where both the mind and body begin to develop. Their bone and muscle structure, their movement and speech – these are just some childhood development stages that a parent must take note of.

When werefer to bones, it’s not just the skeleton that makes up thestructure of the body. We tend to forget that the teeth are a set of bones too.

You might notice that as your child ages, their teeth may appear crooked and out of form. As a parent, this is truly bothersome. Even if their teeth are still temporary and will be replaced once theirbaby teeth fall out, you always want the best for your child. A crooked set of teeth might be a subject of bullying among kids and can cause self-esteem and socialization issues, and you sure don’t want that to take place.

What Causes Crooked Teeth?

Many factors cause crooked teeth.

One is thumb sucking. Babies have this habit and we sure can’t stop them. But once they begin teething, this mannerism will surely affect how their teeth grow since the constant placing and sucking of a thumb in their mouth can shift teeth.

Tongue thrusting is just as bad as thumb sucking since it is a more forceful manner of moving the teeth around.

Breathing and open mouth posture also causes crooked teeth. The slight disturbance of air blowing in and out of the mouth can create deformation.

What is Myobrace?

Luckily, there is a solution for your child’s crooked teeth and that is Myobrace.

Myobrace is a preventive, pre-orthodontic treatment wherein you use braces to force the teeth into a better, permanent position.

The best time for your child to acquire Myobraceis when they are around the ages of 6-10 years old. This is the stage wherein their bodies (teeth included) start to fully develop and transition into puberty.

Myobrace is the best option for kids. While some parents may choose orthodontics such as wearing retainers and braces for their child, these are often accompanied by a lot of pain and discomfort too. Remember, they’re still kids and their tolerance to pain might not be very high… at all. It can be a traumatic process for them.

What Myobrace provides is a light but intermittent force that straightens out their crooked teeth. It’s simply correcting the position of teeth through slow yet constant forces. It is painless and the straightening process could be allocated for only an hour or two or during bedtime. For both parents and children, the process of straightening teeth, doesn’t have to feel like it requires all this effort and time.

Is Myobrace Safe?

Myobrace is indeed safe. It’s non-invasive and it doesn’t cause a whole lot of discomfort. That is why it is recommended for young children.

However, Myobrace is a simple yet preventive measure. It doesn’t address the root cause of crooked teeth. Once they grow older and their teeth are still crooked, there might be a need to have retainers or braces to address the real cause of their crooked teeth.

Myobrace in St. Albert

If your kids are currently suffering from crooked teeth, make sure to look for a dental clinic in St. Albert and consult with your dentist first. Parents may want to consider Myobrace treatment first before seeking more strenuous orthodontic treatment (braces).

Finding a dentist who offers myobrace in St. Albert isn’t difficult. Visit a dentist near you to put your mind – and your child – at ease.