Factors to Consider When Choosing a Family Dentist

Living in a family consisting of members of all ages – toddlers, teens, adults, and seniors – poses many challenges in the day-to-day running of the household. Everyone has different needs when it comes to health, work or school, diet, recreation, etc., and meeting them means a lot of running around on your part. We all wish, at some point in time, that there were services that catered to all ages making our lives so much easier.
At least in the case of dentists, that is not just wishful thinking! There are certain dental professionals near you that provide services covering the needs of all individuals in your family. They are called family dentists.

Much like a family doctor, a family dentist is truly a blessing when it comes to bringing the entire family under the care of a single entity, who has your family’s health records and medical histories.

To find the best family dentist, plan a general visit to a dentist in St. Albert, with certain important criteria in your mind, to check their suitability for your family.


The background of a dentist speaks a lot about their professional prowess. Do a bit of research about him or her to check what qualifications they hold or what special trainings they acquired. A dentist who is highly qualified and undergoes various training every now-and-then to keep themself abreast of the latest developments in dental sciences is definitely your best choice.


Though not always, but there are times when you will come across a family dental clinic near you that has a great reputation although might not look very upscale. Reputations are built over several years of good service to a community without any mishaps or bad experiences. Their reputation helps you to pre-empt the quality of services and experiences you are going to get with this dentist.

When choosing a family dentist, it is all the more important to ensure that the dentist has no negative reviews on the internet or with people you know. You can easily trust that individual.


This is the most important factor to consider when deciding on a family dentist. They should have the qualifications and experience to provide the entire range of services and cater to people of all ages.


Look for a dental clinic close to or easily accessible from your house, that meets your requirements best. Say, if you live in St. Albert, you definitely want a family dental clinic in St. Albert, or within a range of a few kilometers from where you live. Remember you will be escorting your toddler or your parent of 60+ years, and you want to keep the travel time as short as possible to reduce anxiety.


A family dentist should, most importantly, be good at handling people from all age brackets. If you witness a dentist losing their temper when trying to work with a child, or being rude to an elderly, rest assured they are not suited to serve your family. You want the best for your family in terms of service as well as behavior. Your child, spouse, or parent should feel equally welcomed at the dentist’s clinic to put them at ease and calm any anxiety they experience over the procedures they are going to undergo.

It never harms to be extra cautious with your choices when it is your loved one’s health and welfare in question! At Erin Ridge Dental, we completely understand that.