Kid Dentist in St. Albert

What Does Pediatric Dentistry Entail?

Children and adults behave in different ways when they’re going to the dentist. Furthermore, they also have unique needs, which is why there’s a specialized field that deals directly with the pediatric population. This field is pediatric dentistry, and any kid dentist in St. Albert must undergo specialized training to be able to call themselves a pediatric dentist.

But what do they do that’s so different from general dentists? Pediatric dentists are trained to treat patients from infancy to adulthood. The idea is to find the right dental clinic in St. Albert that can tend to your child until their teenage years have passed. Therefore, these dentists know how to handle infants and toddlers no matter how cooperative they are not.

Interestingly, one area in which pediatric dentists strongly emphasize is the importance of oral health education. This is because, as any dentist in St. Albert will tell you, prevention is key at all ages. By teaching children, correct oral habits and how they’re supposed to clean their teeth properly, the pediatric dentist is providing a valuable lifelong lesson. This way, your son or daughter will be at a lower risk of developing cavities or other complications.

Furthermore, a pediatric dentist in St. Albert will know what to advise when it comes to orthodontic treatments your child might have to undergo. While some of these dentists have further specialized and have obtained an orthodontics degree, this is not always the case. However, they will be able to recommend a dentist near you that might provide the treatment your child requires.

This is because very often, there are cases of misaligned teeth or other issues. It’s very important that this is observed at an early age, as it will allow the dentist to make a plan about the future steps you will need to take to ensure your child has a healthy and beautiful smile.

 Just like adults, children should also undergo regular teeth cleanings. Moreover, pediatric dentists will often perform preventive treatments such as the use of fluoride or sealing techniques. These are used because despite what they might have been taught by the dentist or from their elders, children tend to be forgetful. Furthermore, if they have unhealthy dietary habits, they’re more prone to suffering tooth decay and complications from this.

A kid’s dentist in St. Albert might also address other issues, such as the use of a pacifier or when kids suck their thumb. As it’s well known, this can influence the position of the teeth.

When your little one becomes a teenager, the dentist will provide information on dietary habits. Furthermore, if the wisdom teeth make an early appearance, they will be able to identify this and determine if removal is necessary or if there’s sufficient space for them. If there isn’t, they can perform the extraction procedure to guarantee no infections take place. Also, this procedure protects the other teeth from moving and causing crowding.

When you visit the office of a pediatric dentist, you should find an environment where your kid feels safe. Children tend to fear visits to the dentist, which makes it very important to have an environment that’s conducive to them being calmer and cooperative during the entire appointment. The right pediatric dentist will help you strip away the negative connotations associated with a visit to the dentist. This way, your child won’t be terrified every time they learn they have an upcoming visit. This is why it’s essential to visit a dentist that has undergone the necessary training to facilitate this all. Thanks to this, they’re able to perform these highly specialized procedures while keeping your child as happy and compliant as possible.

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